Shower plants, just like indoor plants, are the newest trend. Shower plants are a shockingly sensible way to add some plant life to your house, regardless of your gardening ability level. To make certain plants thrive, all you need is a bathroom with just a little light.

If your bathroom has a large window and receives adequate sunlight during the day, and does not require artificial lighting, choose plant species that require medium to high amounts of sunlight.

Here are some plants that you can place in your bathroom for a better view and better air quality.

Staghorn Fern

The heat combined with humidity creates an ideal setting for staghorn ferns. Water your staghorn fern once a week in the hotter months and once every two to three weeks in the cooler months for optimal results. When combined with a once-a-month application of water-soluble fertilizer, you’ll have a plant that will endure for decades. This is an ideal plant that will survive in the bathroom and make the bathroom look prettier when placed near the sink in a beautiful earthen pot.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a succulent that thrives in various environments, making it the ideal companion for the self-proclaimed plant murderer. Furthermore, aloe vera plants are beneficial. The jelly liquid contained within their leaves can be used to cure sunburns, mosquito bites, exfoliate the skin, and even refresh the breath. Aloe vera survives in a humid climate and can be a perfect friend of anyone when kept in the bathroom with its numerous advantages. Buy plants online today to give a different look to your bathroom.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron is so termed because of its toughness and strength. It is ideal for folks who frequently forget to water their plants. Low-maintenance plants can withstand adverse conditions such as a lack of sunlight, low humidity, infrequent watering, and temperature fluctuations. This plant can be kept on the window of your bathroom.

Dragon Plant

Dragon plant is another popular choice for bathrooms of all sizes. This plant can cover any tiny space thanks to its short stem and light foliage. As a result, if you have a small bathroom yet want to make it more interesting, the Dragon plant is a plant to consider for placing it in your bathroom and giving it an aesthetic touch.


Ivy is a bathroom winner, whether it’s draping down from a hanging planter or sitting beautifully on the top shelf. It’s a tough cookie and a fantastic air purifier, enjoying its warm and steamy best bathroom life. Ivy prefers a bit of light, so keep it near a window. It looks especially lovely hung from hooks on the wall or ceiling, allowing the long vines to dangle down. This is a perfect alternative for compact rooms with limited counter space for a plant.


This lovely climbing specimen has a tropical feel to it. With their cut out, holey design, the leaves may be seen on practically all shower curtains, beach towels, and bed linen. They do, at least in my house. The monstera also have unique aerial roots that can support them, such as a moss pole or diving down into the soil below. A fantastic option for transforming a room in an instant.

Spider Plant

This plant enjoys moisture and requires a lot of it, but it despises being overwatered. It thrives in a spot with adequate light, but no direct sunshine and its lovely leaves make us want to put it in our home. It is one of the plants recommended for eliminating air pollution or contaminants in a damp atmosphere.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies have long, glossy leaves and white blossoms on a tall stalk. The blossom of the peace lily is noticeable and quite appealing, unlike the flowers of most other low light plants. It often blooms in the spring. The peace lily has to be watered once a week, or it will droop if it gets too dry. It’s a lovely sight to see while taking a bath and grooving on your favourite music. You will like the fragrance of this plant when having a bath.

Snake Plant

This fashionable plant is a popular choice for houses of many types, even those in dry regions. Snake plants are extremely difficult to kill houseplants. They don’t require much in the way of supervision and maintenance. They require water when the soil dries out, and consider this one of the best houseplants for low light because it thrives in both shady nooks and bright, sunny locations. Order indoor plants online for your bathroom. Snake plants come in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect one for your environment.


An orchid prefers a high humidity environment; therefore, it thrives in a bathroom with minimal natural light. Orchids are low-maintenance plants that thrive on neglect. Set one on your vanity for a touch of class, or put a few in a rustic container. Maintain a moist but not wet environment for the roots.

Now that you have made it through the list, we hope you have an idea of which plants to place in your bathroom and add an aesthetic touch.

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