Windows Server 2022, which is the next Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release, will be available towards the end of 2021. Combining Windows Containers improvements such that early adopters will be getting the Semi-Annual Channel (SAC). In addition, it will have several security improvements such as secured-core from Windows clients along with low-level networking developments, which is one of the upcoming prodigious trends.

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There is high integration with Azure for management and security monitoring, which includes the latest features in Windows Admin Center for containerizing apps to ‘lift and shift’ to the cloud. If it is Azure, Automanage can handle the VM lifecycle management along with hot patching or Azure Stack HCI on your infrastructure.

Infrastructure and server roles 

With such an emphasis on hybrid along with migration strategies, where does it leave the server OS?

Windows Server is a very versatile and multi-purpose operating system, providing dozens of roles and features. Moreover, Windows Server also includes Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) features according to which customers can use multi-purpose aspects, for example, running file services or custom apps on Software-defined Storage.

Windows Server 2022 scales up to even larger applications compared to the previous releases, which supported up to 48 terabytes of memory, 2,048 logical processors, and up to 64 sockets. It can also support confidential computing data with Intel SGX.  

Windows Server Azure Edition is the latest option for virtual machines on Azure. However, it is not a new SKU. Just like new Windows Server OS image enables new lifecycle management. Azure Automanage for Windows Server will enable the customers to apply for rebootless security patching for the latest Windows Server virtual machines. However, in order to use rebootless security patching, customers require a new OS image. As Automanage will get its new capabilities, the Azure Edition image will update to make them work. 

Moreover, regular insider builds for a Windows Server allow the admins to try options such as in-place upgrades, including Server 2016 and 2019. Microsoft expects to work for key roles such as DHCP, Storage Services File, DNS, Hyper-V, and IIS. While there will still be small improvements in the next versions, including command-line options to improve file copy performance by compressing such files or even cluster validation tests that are even more complex network configuration options. Hence the big improvements include Windows Admin Center, security, and containers. 

Secured-core, secure connectivity 

It offers extra layers of security right from the hardware up, without any extra work. Secured-core server provides you with technologies such as Virtualization-based Security and Windows Defender System Guard. It minimizes the risk from advanced malware and firmware vulnerabilities. The same security option was already available for Windows 10 systems, where an operating system utilizes virtualization-based security in order to isolate the important parts of the server from malware. As a result, it makes it complicated for the attackers to access one of the devices and then move on to compromise the other servers on your network. 

There is also the latest secured-core snap-in for a Cheap Windows Hosting Admin Center. Integration with the Azure Security Center means that admins get all the alerts regarding malicious drivers, indicating that an attacker is targeting the server. 

Secured-core also needs new server hardware for firmware security protection. However, the options already available are HVCI, which admins can easily turn on from Windows Admin Center. It can also be done remotely if they can see the alerts about an attack. 

Other capabilities such as hypervisor-based code integrity, virtualization-based security, secure boot, and TPM are available on the hardware. However, the Windows Admin Center Security extension will report such capabilities on current hardware and the operating system platforms.

Microsoft has the open-source implementation of the QUIC protocol for form the basis of HTTP/3 in Windows Server 2022. It is being used for SMB over QUIC and is also a more secure replacement for WebDAV to deliver SMB access without any complexity in VPN.

Improving app modernization with containers 

There are a number of upcoming prodigious trends for the enhancements. It includes the Containers extension-making everything easier to package existing ASP.NET and MSI server apps into the containers. Some other improvements for the Windows Containers include smaller image size for a fast download, containerization tools for .NET applications, simplified network policy implementation, and improvements in group Managed Service Accounts [gMSA] for Windows Containers. It allows customers to get support for gMSA without joining the host. Hence it will make it easier to run applications depending upon Active Directory (AD) without creating changes for the container host machine.

It will also enable you to virtualize time zones so you can operate globally scalable apps without needing the timezone of the host. The container image is around 1GB smaller than it was before. Hence it is very small to download and fast to start up. All the scale and performance improvements aid network support from the SAC releases, which are also included.

Azure Stack HCI will be the most suitable option for customers who are interested in running Linux containers on Windows. Such customers evidently need a robust container along with supported storage and networking technology. It was one of the evident reasons for the introduction of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Secondly, upcoming prodigious trends also include .NET Core operating in Windows containers on AKS on Azure Stack HCI, AKS, and Windows Server 2022.

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