The Denver Broncos are currently on the market as there are some issues surrounding the ownership group in the family and they have decided to sell the team. However, it is critical to have a person with a minority background end up as the owner and one name that keeps popping up in Jay Z. Let’s talk about why Jay Z would be the perfect owner for the Denver Broncos. 

Sometimes watching some of these bids for sports franchises feel like you are watching a race. Getting some NASCAR picks can get you one step closer to becoming an owner of a sports team yourself. 

Ownership Experience

It is no secret that Jay Z loves being involved in the sports world. He has owned a piece of the Brooklyn Nets and was a factor of the team moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn.

He also owns “Roc Nation” which is an entertainment company that serves as representation for professional athletes as well as other forms of entertainers. Jay Z also works with the NFL to help their inclusion to provide more minorities the ability to get their foot in the door and appeal to the masses. 

It is not going to be Jay Z owning 100 percent of the Denver Broncos, but likely a group ready to make a bid and putting Jay Z as the public figure, similar to the Miami Marlins with Derek Jeter and Magic Johnson with the Los Angeles Dodgers. A prime figure in the world that has the appeal will definitely help as he knows what is needed for a person in his position.

Get Different Voices in the Room

Let’s face it, the billionaire’s club in the NFL needs some shaking up to do. Ownership has two owners with a minority background as Shahid Khan owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kim Peluga is a co-owner of the Buffalo Bills. 

Having representation in the room is going to go a long way to helping the image of the National Football League as many people have walked away from it, meaning there is still a lot of room to continue growing this juggernaut.

Having someone of Jay Z’s cultural influence will definitely be a huge positive for the league as well as the Colin Kaepernick drama likely would not have happened if there were some differing opinions coming out of the owners. 

Another major thing that this does is help with decision making for the future. These NFL teams do not come for sale very often so the people that typically own a NFL franchise have it for a while and do not typically look to how to better things for minorities.

The billionaire’s club could use some owners that did not grow up with the same backgrounds as them if they want the National Football League to continue to thrive. 


Imagine how many more eyeballs the Denver Broncos would draw if Jay Z was the owner of the team. The league as a whole will benefit due to revenue sharing, meaning the 32 NFL teams split the revenue accordingly, so having Jay Z become a member of ownership means more money in the pie. In the 2019 season, the 32 owners split $9.5 billion so imagine how much more these owners would get if they begin to focus more on diversity. 

Having Jay Z as a member of the ownership means they are doing something very right, whether or not it is for the correct reason. The family that currently owns the Denver Broncos would likely sell to the highest bidder and that does not matter who owns it next in their eyes. 

All of these bids will likely include similar amounts of money so if the NFL wants to do right in the public image, they would do whatever it takes to ensure that Jay Z’s group will become the next owners of the Denver Broncos. 

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